How To Get Started On Nichify


Signing Up // Adding A User Account

Creating Your Profile

Adding Your Social Accounts

Finding Other Users To Connect With

Collaborating With Other Users // Creating A Deal



1.    Scroll through the initial onboarding screens and click the blue/green ‘Sign Up’ button on the final screen to begin the Sign Up process.

2.    Enter your account information. Please note that at Nichify we have industry standard privacy and security measures in place and all account information will be kept private. 

3. Click 'Next' to create your Profile. You will then be promoted to Agree to our Terms & Conditions.

4. Be sure to confirm your email address by clicking the 'Activate' link in the email sent to your account.


1.    Select whether you are an Influencer or Brand (if unsure select one to continue as you can change this later). If you are representing the interests of Influencers (e.g. An Influencer Manager) select Influencer. If you are representing the interests of a Brand (e.g. Advertising Agencies) select Brand.

2.    Select up to 3 Niches that best describe your profile. Niches can be seen as the interests that your account represents. Niches help you connect with likeminded individuals that share your interests.

3.    Choose and upload a profile picture.

4.    Enter a unique username. This is how others will find you on Nichify. You can think of your username as your account 'key'.  A username could be your name, your brands name, your social media account name, or just a word you like! There cannot be spaces in a username but you can use a punctuation points such as a full stop (.), hyphen (-) or underscore (_) in your username. 

5.    Add your social Accounts (see Adding Your Social Accounts below for more information)

Adding Your Social Accounts

1.  On your Profile, click the '+Add' button to link your social media accounts to your Nichify profile

2.  Click the link for the social media account you would like to add to your profile.

3.    Either add a 'Verified' or 'Unverified' social media account to your profile.

Adding A Verified Account:

It’s much better for your account reputation on Nichify to add a Verified social media account. Top Brands and Influencers are more likely to work with Verified Accounts. Verified Accounts not only reduce the risk of fraud, but also provide your Profile with a daily updated live reach. 

Account verification is currently available for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with other social media platforms will be available to verify in later updates.

When adding a verified ‘Facebook Page’ you must first log into the Facebook profile that is an admin to the page you would like to add. It will then appear with a screen that says ‘Nichify would like to manage your Pages’ by choosing OK, you will be lead to a list of your with your page(s) , select the Facebook page(s) you wish to add and then press done to finishing adding them to your Profile.

Adding An Unverified Account:

If verification is not yet available for your Social Media Account or if you would prefer not to Verify your Account yet you can manually add a unverified account by entering your account name (e.g. @example) and reach (e.g. 1000 followers).

Account Security:
At Nichify your privacy and account security are very important to us. We use an industry standard pathway called ‘OAuth’ to verify your account ownership and display your account reach. OAuth provides client application ‘secure delegated access’ on behalf of a resource owner. It specifies a process for resource owners to authorize third-party access to their server resources without sharing their credentials.


Nichify allows you to instantly Chat and create Deals to collaborate with other users. First you need to find other users on Nichify to connect with. 

  • Search For A User:

On Nichify, you can think of your username as your account ‘key’. Only share it with people you would like to connect with (just like on 'Kik', for example). You must know a Profile’s username to be able to search for them unless they are on the Recommended list. 

1. Click the Find button (magnifying glass) located on the top right hand corner of the chat screen to to search for a user. 

2. Type the username into the search bar at the top of the screen. A username cannot contain spaces but may contain punctuation (i.e. a full stop (.), hyphen (-) or underscore (_).)

3. Only exact usernames will appear as valid searches. 

  • Chat with Recommended users: 

To find our Recommended users go to the Chat screen and click the Search button (magnifying glass) located on the top right hand corner of the chat screen, the Recommended users list will appear below the 'Share My Profile Link'.

  • Share your Nichify profile via the 'Share My Profile Link' and username to Instagram / Twitter so that other users that have Nichify can Find and Chat with you.
  • Add your Nichify username to your social media account bio so that your followers can chat with you on Nichify.  
  • Send an email or direct message on social media with your Nichify username to a Brand / Influencer or ask for a Brand or Influencer's Nichify username.
  • Message Your Existing Contacts On Other Chat Apps (e.g. WhatsApp, Kik, Viber or Facebook Messenger) with your Nichify username and ask the Brand / Influencer to connect with you on Nichify. 


  1. Once you’re chatting with another user and decide that you would like to collaborate with them you can create a ‘Deal’.
  2. To create a Deal simply click the ‘Deals’ icon at the top right of your chat screen with the user you would like to create a deal with.
  3. You will need to choose a purpose for your Deal. Ask yourself what you would like to get out of the deal. See below for our ideas on ways to collaborate on Nichify.

Ways To Collaborate On Nichify:

  • SFS – ‘shoutout for shoutout’ / ‘share for share’
  • Become a Brand Ambassador 
  • Paid Posts / Shouts
  • Product gifting
  • Product placement
  • Competition // Giveaway
  • Account takeovers // Guest posts.

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Example Deal

SFS (‘Share For Share’)

We will both post eachother’s content (photo + caption) simultaneously to our respective Instagram feeds. We will leave the photos up for 1 hour without posting another photo and then delete the posts after 4 hours. Time is based off Eastern Standard Time.

My Caption for your post: Check out my friend @example @example @example’s feed. They post some pretty cool stuff!

Your Caption for my post:

[Please write your caption here: Repeat your username x3]

I have added my photo to the deal, please add yours. 


[insert your image here]

Select ‘No payments’ as this is a mutual share.

Starts: 1 Jan 2015 4:00 pm

Ends: 1 Jan 2015 8:00 pm

If you require any further help contact please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.